Hi, I’m Lisa

An Integrated Producer and Director with roots in user experience, new media and content creation.

I’ve built my career around deep curiosity, listening and synthesis – whether it be for users, clients, or documentary storytelling.  Approaching life with a human-centered philosophy and an innate sense of equity has naturally steered my career path through usability consulting to service experience design to rich content creation.

While the platforms may change, the design-thinking approach is the same: Listen/Understand, Define/Ideate, Plan, Create/Prototype, Refine/Test.

I’m looking to join a company that works at the intersection of content, data, and technology, and who values design thinking to bring those elements to life.


Delivering projects that take users through an omni-channel experience landscape (and now, context-aware, too) from scope to delivery, requires more than just critical-thinking and a flexible-but-reliable personality. A good integrated producer has a background in either digital or content production (or like me – in both!), and needs to both understand and ensure the integrity of the entire user journey of an “experience.”

A user journey can include traditional media, digital, email, direct marketing, a retail, social, experiential or event space, social, loyalty & CRM programs, among others.  Today, many of these touch points are present in a single journey.


An “experience” is everything we see, hear, touch and feel; from watching a film to using a (digital or non) product to walking through a lobby exhibit to playing a game… the list is literally endless. Connecting with other humans for any purpose is about how well we communicate; and sense-making is how we perceive and give meaning to those experiences.

Service Experience Design takes a holistic, user-centric approach that uses design principles, tools and processes to evaluate and design services that deliver a discernible customer difference.

Design Research, Service Design, Concept Validation

Confidential Global Logistics Company

This client was  interested in validating a new business concept that would leverage it’s vast experience in logistics and supply-chain management. I led the team to design and conduct a program that would determine feasibility and deep insight into their potential target market. Deliverables included a journey map, personas, prototypes for field research stimulus, a roadmap and executive presentation. 

Integrated Producing, Experiential Installation


The Spotify House has been a central hub for musicians and artists at SXSW, in the epicenter of the action, for several years. They approached my company, Beak Labs, looking for an interactive experience to entertain their audience and extend their brand. Previous installations centered around Gif walls or photo booths; we knew we could do better.

Real engagement and delight would come from using a playful tool to discover new artists at SXSW.  Spotify wanted to highlight their Discover engine in a unique and exciting way.

At festivals, attention spans are short, so we set out to create a simple way for visitors to discover music they love. We used music genomes to focus users’ preferences, then we pre-populated categories including BPM, Danceability and more. Want to listen to an indie act? Slide it towards Bon Iver. Want to get up out of your seat and dance? Slide it towards MGMT. Every time a player moved the slider it would re-generate a SXSW-specific Spotify playlist + schedule that they could share socially.

Additionally, attendees could play music trivia on our tables for dope swag and bragging rights!

Producing, Directing

Tomlinson Hill, Feature Documentary

“As a small piece of the grand puzzle of race relations and the sentimental weight of ancestry and place, Tomlinson Hill is a stunning tribute to the importance of understanding the past even as we seek a brighter future.”

TOMLINSON HILL is the story of America, as seen through the microcosm of a small Texas town called Marlin. The film takes its name from the former Texas slave plantation that at one time defined this region. We trace this story through the eyes of two descendants – one black – Loreane Tomlinson; and one white – Chris Tomlinson, who independently come back for very different reasons to find their crumbling community still struggling under the weight of 150 years of class separation. On the verge of economic ruin or redemption, Marlin’s future success is dependent on the community truly coming together as one.

Tomlinson Hill took home the $10k Silver Heart Award and was broadcast nationally on PBS World.