Crafting Ideas, Connecting People, Creating Experiences

As a digital native, I’m passionate about the power that media and tech has to connect us, create affordances, and enhance the human experience. Curiosity is my driving force, empathy helps me understand the energy I encounter, and deeply experiencing the world fuels my creativity.

I started my career in web producing and usability consulting, pivoted to documentary filmmaking to better understand rich communication, and then married those worlds as a professor and producer of interactive experiences. As a teacher and creator, I’ve led boundary-breaking projects, and as a student of life, I’ve volunteered at virtual reality theaters like Future of Storytelling and SXSW.  I believe in the cycle of learn, create, grow, fail, and learn some more.

Producing allows me to combine my eclectic arts background, my aptitude for innovation and technology, my deep understanding of business objectives and my focus on user experience. Service Design allows me to apply these same skills to lead all the disciplines that align to create great journeys.

When not working on a film or client project, I love to travel the world (6 continents and 32 countries), dance to swing and salsa music, and design eclectic interior spaces.  I find my inspiration in nature, and my joy in play, dance and song.